While a lot of car renters are gushing over Lamborghinis and Ferraris, there are a small but specific group of car renters who prefer something different when it comes to the car models they lease. Surprisingly, this group is very more lenient to rent a Bentley over other luxury cars and exotic vehicles.

If you are wondering why they are more inclined with this particular car brand and model, here are some factors that they consider.

  1. Lighter and simpler driving

It might be true that some cars exude power when they are driven on the road. But Bentleys are quite a vehicle as well. The Bentley Continental GT, one of the famous models on this brand, features a twin-turbocharged 4-liter V8 that can produce a

520 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque. Based on the numbers, this is less commanding than other super cars, but the main advantage of a Bentley is lightness it exudes. Despite the speed, you will feel like you are floating in the air while driving this beauty.

  1. Roomy interiors

If you are the kind of driver or traveller who wants to bring everything on a trip, then a Bentley is a perfect vehicle to rent. There is definitely plenty of room for your belongings. This vehicle features 12.6 cubic feet of cargo space that can accommodate luggage and travelling stuff you need for the long trip. But do not abuse its loading capacity. Always follow the manufacturer’s guide to know much weight your rented car can take.

  1. Subtle beauty

While other vehicles stand out from the crowd with their over-the-top designs, a Bentley exudes the silent confidence that will merit a second look. The clean and sleek design speaks of its luxury and road power. Its beauty is very subtle, but it is very hard to mistake it for other models. You will definitely know it is a Bentley when you see one.