• Things to know about Lamborghini before you rent one out

Every single Lamborghini that is manufactured is said to be a beast. Be it their looks, or their unique aerodynamic features, there’s no surprise that a majority of sports car enthusiasts prefer this exotic brand over all others. Come to think of it, even common people dream of owning this exotic vehicle, or at least getting to drive it once in their lifetimes, for which they choose to rent a Lamborghini in Dubai.

When you visit Dubai, you will notice that there is a strong culture for luxury cars, including the famous Lamborghini. The Lamborghini brand has particularly gained popularity for its exotic vehicles. From the body to the engine, Lamborghinis were initially manufactured to beat the infamous vehicles by Ferrari. As such, there are things you should know before actually renting one out to drive around in while visiting Dubai. Given below are a few important facts about this amazing vehicle:

  • Interesting facts

The very first Lamborghinis were tractors

Unbelievable, right? Ferruccio Lamborghini was actually a master mechanic who initially put together tractors using spare parts during the WWII. From there, the official line up of this brand was put together for the simple reason that people loved what he made. Believe it or not, Lamborghini Trattori continues to operate today under a different company. However, the tractors continue to be designed by the same firm that created the famous Maserati MC 12 and the Gallardo.

V8 engines are standard

All through the history of the company, most Lamborghini models have come with the legendary V12 engine. As such, Lamborghinis have never been manufactured with less than a V8 engine, ever since the production of the Silhouette had been stopped back in 1989.

Lamborghini was a master mechanic during the WWII

Ferruccio Lamborghini served during the WWII for the Italian Royal Air Force. He was stationed by the Air Force on an isolated island where he was given the duties of a vehicle maintenance supervisor. His interest in vehicles is what led to the initiation of the popular Lamborghini brand.