Park your rented Range Rover carefully – follow these tips!

Parking luxury rental cars at a safe spot is a huge responsibility that all renters must fulfill. This particularly holds true for times when they head out to crowded areas, like restaurants, eateries, shopping malls and tourist destinations in the luxury cars that they rent out. If you are planning on getting your hands on a luxury car or Range Rover rental sometime soon, then make sure that you follow the tips given below when parking your vehicle:

  • Make sure that your vehicle is parked at bright-lit areas

Parking in areas that are dim-lit is a major risk. Not only do vehicles that are parked in isolated locations face the risk of scratches and dents, there is also the fear that they would get stolen. To avoid all these risks, it is highly recommended for you to park your luxury vehicle at bright-lit locations in case the parking lot runs out of space.

  • Refrain from parking on busy and narrow streets

Any vehicles that are parked on narrow and busy streets are prone to accidents. This obviously applies to your rented Range Rover as well. Doing so is going to increase your chances of receiving dent marks on the world-class body of your luxury vehicle. Hence, make sure that you park it in lesser crowded areas.

  • Do not park your car under a tree with big branches

While parking your vehicle under trees with big branches is one of the best means of escaping the summer heat, it isn’t always wise to do so. This is because the branches can fall down on the vehicle in case strong wind starts blowing. As such, you should park your luxury car under smaller sized trees to ensure safety.

  • Lock all the doors carefully

Once you have parked your car, it is necessary for you to ensure that all the doors are properly locked. Not only will this ensure that the belongings kept inside the vehicle are safe, it will also reduce any chances of theft.