The Bentley exudes a quiet confidence that attracts a certain group of car lovers. Although it did not scream luxury at first look, it will realize how captivating this vehicle upon closer inspection. The good news is, Bentley cars are available for lease in some car rental dealership.

But be sure to keep these pointers in mind when you plan to go for a Bentley rental car service.

  • Know what model you like

Bentley rental cars come in different models and each model has unique features and specifications. To narrow down your options, it would be best to check for models and makes and choose three models that match your requirements and desires.

  • Make a thorough inspection

It is important that you check the vehicle before you agree to any lease agreement and conditions. If you can, take details of your findings and compare it to the findings of the car dealership. Be clear with the current condition of the vehicle. This would save you from paying for damages that you did not incur or caused.

  • Read the lease agreement

Some car renters do not give much thought about the lease agreement thinking that the stipulations will only go on their favor. But you need to take precaution when you are renting a Bentley or any vehicle. If you missed or violate of one term, it can turn the tables for you. Be sure to scan the agreement paper and point out items that are vague to you or you don’t agree with.

  • Go for a test drive

It would be best to test the vehicle so you can have the right feel and also to point out of there is something amiss with the vehicle. Just try to maneuver the vehicle in just a few blocks and try to get the feel of driving a Bentley.